Introducing Superpoll:
Innovative Online Survey & Poll Platform.
Our vision, Your dream!

Superpoll intends to change all we previously had in mind when we thought about "surveys".
Yes, as simple as that!
We will simplify this vital tool called "survey" and make it accessible to a-l-l.

Frankly … what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “survey”?
Huge budgets conglomerate surveys companies, thousands of respondents used only by large companies, right?
Wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Survey is primarily a great device to make the right decisions.
It can serve almost anyone, and by using the technology right, it is for all a win-win.

For example, the researcher can determine what will be the budget of his survey
– Superpoll knows how to handle that!

For example, the survey budget will be divided among the surveyed participants
– Finally, rewarding the respondents for their time and knowledge!

For example, the respondents can receive “real” money! No more discount coupons,
but directly to their PayPal account
– Yes indeed! This is why you need a PayPal account.

For example, the Researcher could set a precise target group, that is the only way to get his survey
– Sounds simple, eh?

Furthermore, there are many more innovations.
Satisfied researchers, satisfied Respondents – this is the essence of the concept.

Join us and try it out. It is going to be interesting!