So simple, and yet so smart.

Let's see how it works...

Dave has signed up as a Respondent at Superpoll…

Upon the registration process he filled his personal profile, and among others, included his zip code area of residence and on the question “A pet?” … he checked: “Yes”.

Albert has signed up as a researcher. He would like to make a decision about opening a pet food store in his neighborhood. A store not too large… and therefore his survey budget is accordingly… not too big. Let’s say… 500$. He would be satisfied with 50 people answering his poll for that matter, so he chooses two parameters: within 20 km from his zip code area and also “pet owners”. His poll is simple and with one question… “Do you need a new pet food store nearby? “.

With the responses and feedback he gets he could instantly make a decision before he will make a major investment in setting up a business.

The survey reaches Dave, because he lives within 15 km from Albert’s zip code, and he owns a pet… a cat.

A simple calculation will show that for his participation in the survey will receive $10 (remember, 500 USD was the budget which was divided between 50 potential respondents)… and now everyone is satisfied!

Julie works in the sales department of a well-known hotels company...

She is not interested in Superpoll’s Respondents… but only in her customers that ever visited her hotel.

So… she will take all data she has and export a “Contact List” CSV file as explained on site, from her Gmail or Outlook.

She will then upload the file to her account on Superpoll. If needed, she can even modify on-site the file, add or remove any contact.

Finally she will submit the poll only to her contacts, and enjoy online and real time analytics.

In other words… she is just “using” Superpolls’ platform to distribute her poll upon her clients.

So nice!