Superpoll supports and encourages paid surveys.

Superpoll supports and encourages paid surveys.

So you need a survey. Why not do it yourself?

With Superpoll it's fun, easy, professional, and FREE*. Web or App!

* Although Superpoll deeply encourages paid surveys in which respondents are being rewarded for their time and knowledge.



Choose your language

Superpoll features a multilingual approach so you can select your language!

By Email or by SMS

Submit a poll by Email or with the Cellopoll app by SMS to a preferred contact list on your mobile

We pay!

Because we believe in paid surveys that pay out respondents for their efforts and knowledge

It’s FREE!

Try us for free and come back for more unique and powerful features

Mobile first!

Introducing Cellopoll! You can now compose and submit a survey directly from your mobile

We target!

A survey is like a guided rocket… knows exactly to whom is aimed to reach!

Private or Public?

You choose! If you want to share your survey analytics or not…

Because our analytics

This is our main portion! The display, the categorization… and all online and in real time

Because the interface

Our moto… anyone can! In five easy steps, and in 5 minutes…

Considering an online survey?

Superpoll survey maker is the answer.

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Number of our active Researchers
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New Respondents joined Superpoll this month

Wanna be a Respondent?

Right decision! No obligations.

First, login with any social media you choose.
As a respondent, you will initially be asked to submit your personal profile, and some basic details about yourself, so that you will receive only relevant and unique polls that match your profile.
Then, of course, setting up your payment method (need a PayPal account…), to get paid, no less important.
And now, just wait to be notified for any polls or surveys in which you will be asked to take part.

Enjoy using Superpoll.

You are welcomed to sign up!

Wanna be a Researcher?

Many benefits provided!

Now, with this innovative platform you can easily compose your polls and surveys or select from a given template.
Then, target the particular potential respondents (population) you intend to take part in this survey, according to their profiles.
Or, you can even upload your contact list for mailing!

Finally, set the budget and number of potential respondents,
And… Submit!
Come back ASAP to explore progress and results.

Enjoy using Superpoll.
You are welcomed to sign up!

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